Deep Flight 🐡🪼🐠

Hermès Flagship Store, Hong Kong

  • Production
  • 3-axis CNC milling, 3D printing, hand painted

Deep Flight, an installation for Hermès plunges viewers into six undersea portals, revealing life abounding in the ocean’s depths. Each window contains an otherworldly ecosystem—coral reefs and kelp forests, the layered, open ocean—with cameos from their rich marine life: leafy sea dragons, octopus, manta ray and jellyfish.

We are more connected to these sub-aquatic realms than we imagine. Oceans comprise 99% of our planet’s habitable space.

Tin&Ed suggest that like marine life, we might let the ocean’s water carry us: to new encounters; to strange and beautiful visions; to the weightless, freeing, gravity-defying sensation of swimming, the closest feeling to a bird in flight.

This window was inspired by the mythological idea of a world turtle and the charming relationship between the argonaut octopus and the jellyfish

Deep Flight 🐡🪼🐠 Deep Flight 🐡🪼🐠 Deep Flight 🐡🪼🐠 Deep Flight 🐡🪼🐠 Deep Flight 🐡🪼🐠
Deep Flight 🐡🪼🐠 Deep Flight 🐡🪼🐠 Deep Flight 🐡🪼🐠 Deep Flight 🐡🪼🐠 Deep Flight 🐡🪼🐠

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Tin Nguyen & Edward Cutting are Australian artists and creative technologists based in New York. They create playful installations and experiences that illuminate the borderless dimension between art and science, the physical and the digital, the human and the more than human.

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