Monster 👹🌺🐙

Brookfield Place, New York (2019) Pioneer Works, New York (2021) Rising Festival, Melbourne (2022)

  • Production
  • Large Scale Constant Air Inflatable, Digital Print

"Monsters are bodies tumbled into bodies; the art of telling monstrosity requires stories tumbled into stories."—Heather Swanson, Anthropologists

Tin&Ed’s monstrous organism might be fictional, but its hybrid flower form borrows directly from nature: a digital crossbreed of parasitic plants and fungi found in the duo’s research. Its surface patterns are crossbred too: generated using a machine learning model that remixes different sea life including corals, sea slugs and starfish to spawn something entirely new.⁣

Monster is an ecological warning, albeit a cute one: a Frankensteinish beast conjured by human interference with nature. Monsters are ambiguous things—it’s likely we all contain the ability to be monstrous—but they increasingly take physical guises on our planet: think highly-destructive jellyfish blooms, recently dubbed a man-made plague.

Thismia hexagona

Rafflesia arnoldii - The worlds largest flower

Pioneer Works, New York

Brookfield Place, New York

Rising Festival, Melbourne

Monster 👹🌺🐙 Monster 👹🌺🐙 Monster 👹🌺🐙 Monster 👹🌺🐙 Monster 👹🌺🐙
Monster 👹🌺🐙 Monster 👹🌺🐙 Monster 👹🌺🐙 Monster 👹🌺🐙 Monster 👹🌺🐙

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Tin Nguyen & Edward Cutting are Australian artists and creative technologists based in New York. They create playful installations and experiences that illuminate the borderless dimension between art and science, the physical and the digital, the human and the more than human.

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